Classic method

Long maturation in the embrace of yeasts with distinctive tenderness, the blue pinot reveals the fruitiness and refinement of sparkling wine.

Elegant, dry, sparkling wine, clear yellow in color with golden shades, good sparkling and persistent foam. The first smell is gentle and restrained, but fresh and fruity, full of impressions of pear and apple, and in the following we notice hazelnuts and fresh almonds, and some floral notes and spices in the background. A clear and direct sense in taste. Harmonious wine, rounded and full body, with the perception of mature fruits. The voyage is long and leaves a feeling of freshness.

SELECTION OF VARIETIES: Chardonnay (85%), Blue pinot (15%), Enokraka šparonska vzgoja

HARVEST: Middle August

VINIFICATION:Vinification of pure juice at low temperature, perfect biodegradation, then ripening of wine on fine lees.

FOOT PAIRING:Excellent sparkling wine for every occasion, we can serve it in the early cold appetizers, especially seafood, or at the full meal. Extremely adds to the taste, half greasy, delicate cheeses.


Vrhunsko vino ZGP, 750 ml


Pleasant variety combining elegance and roundness of merlot, cabernet franca and refocka, and the excellence and bustle of cabernet sauvignon.

Extremely rich red wine, characterized by a full ruby red color with deep shades that passes into a brick. In the smell we feel the flower in full development, reminiscent of forest fruits, expressions of spices, and the smell of mint and truffles in the background. In taste, the wine is presented with a distinctive and full body. It reveals sweet and elegant tannins that take us into a very long and temperamental pointer. Excellent durability and elegance gives him a refosco variety.

SELECTION OF VARIETIES: Cabernet sauvignon (85%), Cabernet franc (5%), Merlot (5%), Refošk (5%). Enokraka šparonska vzgoja

HARVEST: Beginning of October

VINIFICATION:Fermentation in vinifiers, 15 days skin contact. 12-month maturation in wooden barrels, until bottling

FOOD PAIRING: An exceptional wine for a creative kitchen that plays with sauces, gentle meat and truffles. In traditional cuisine, the wine is perfectly complemented by red meat and spicy cheeses, such as gorgonzola and roquefort.


Vrhunsko vino ZGP, 750 ml


Stylish, dry red wine, characterized by a delicate, rugged red color. The wine makes a strong impression in taste and memory. The wine is very fruitful at some point, it resembles cherries, then we detect mulberry and mature tomatoes and some spices, for example, rosemary and cinnamon, and in the background, the floral aromas of rose and purple. It is tasty with fresh fruit, but serious texture and long delicacy gently. Tannins are silky, velvety and wearable, positively affecting health.

SELECTION OF VARIETIES:  Pinot noir (100%), enokraka šparonska vzgoja

HARVEST:  End of August

VINIFICATION:Fermentation with cinnizers, 15 days skin contact. 24-month maturation in wooden barrels until bottling.

FOOD PAIRING:With its elegance, it simply adds ready-made beef in all ways, chicken meat, mushroom dishes, grilled fish and a variety of cheeses. Wine can be an ingredient of sauce.


Vrhunsko vino ZGP, 750 ml


ROSA is a stylish rose, characterized by a delicate pink with orange shades.

The wine is very fruitful in the bouquet, reminiscent of cherries, cranberries and watermelon. The aromatic is pleasingly continued in the taste, which is rich, structural, dry and fresh, and ends with excellent persistence and duration in the porous. This wine is distinguished by extraordinary freshness, and at the same time it is a seriousness that opens all possible gastronomic pleasures while having a meal with food. Wine for summer days and culinary delights throughout the year.

SELECTION OF VARIETIES: Blue pinot 100%, enokraka šparonska vzgoja

HARVEST: Middle of August 

VINIFICATION: Pure juice is partially drained from the red mash (Saignee method), fermentation takes place at controlled temperature, then the wine ripens on fine lees, followed by bottling.

FOOD PAIRING: Rosa is a great aperitif or a companion of delicate, cold summer plates, based on tomatoes and fresh cheeses. We serve it for various pasta and salads, and it also fits into oysters, calamari and grilled fish. A good combination with chicken is also good.


Vrhunsko vino ZGP, 750 ml