The wine is the connection between persons and nature. Although each generation better understands the vines, we still depend on happiness of each autumn, as there is no good wine without the sun.
At 110 meters altitude difference and in the corner between Koper and Trieste, in the idyllic Istrian village of Plavje, we cultivate 12 hectares of vineyards. The location offers excellent weather conditions for the care of well-known varieties: malvazija, chardonnaya, blue pine, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc and autochthonous refosco.
The first morning sun, the steady gentle sea wind, the pleasant warmth of the afternoon hours and fresh night temperatures create the ideal conditions for grape growing on poor marble floors. The density of planting, the cultivation of one asparagus and the selection of grapes are expressed in the wines as elegance, freshness and tenderness of taste. Modern wine cellar, based on the tradition of typing various vineyard plots in constant connection with wooden barrels and with maturing levels, changes the characteristics of the years in the family story and Klenart wine.

Family Klenar